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The Auto Performance store with a difference

Who we are​

HyperGear Turbo is an online auto performance store offering advanced turbocharger building, rebuilding and modifying. We are based in Melbourne, Australia and have been running since 2006. 

Why choose us​

We don't want your car to be a guinea pig for our products, so we can provide you with enough dyno results and product information based on our car results, rather than on a 'trial-and-error' basis that you often may go through with other suppliers.

How we work

Our turbochargers are hand designed and made using quality materials and experienced Australian engineers. Based on comprehensive data generated through hundreds of hours of dyno time, our turbochargers are built to achieve their performance targets suitable to your desired goal. 

Customer Service is key

Not only do we have competitive prices, we also offer full support when purchasing from us on what is most suited to your car and performance targets.

We are committed to great customer service, and although this is an online store we believe you are every bit as important as someone walking into a store. You can contact us via phone or email if you have any questions regarding your sales, support or regarding your order. We also have a commitment to answer any emails you send us, so you will never be waiting days to hear back from us.

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