ATR45 650HP Externally gated T3x turbocharger


ATR45 is a turbocharger that is made in a T3x print for up to 600HP. There are few options to got for, standard model is suitable for engine size that is in between 3 to 4 litres. The SAT model is the performance version made to peak the same power with better respons..


Additional Components

External gate factory exhaust manifold with 45mm gate and screamer pipe supplied.

Externally gated rear housing kit including 45mm gate, dump pipe and screamer pipe

Externally gated rear housing kit including turbosmart 45mm gate, dump pipe and plumbed back screamer pipe

1000HP+ Capacity

Product price
Additional options total:
Order total:

Brand: HyperGear
Product Code: ATR45-EXG

ATR45 Turbochargers are engineered to be excellent road use turbochargers made to suit 3L~4L capacity engines.

ATR45SAT is a high performance turbocharger made for 2L~3L capacity engines featuring fast throttle response and agreesive aceleration. Turbo was installed 2016 WTAC Open class winner car.

Pricing include:
Turbocharger supercore with a choice of turbine housing

Ball bearing option is highly recommended for throttle response and longevity under heave load. 1mm oil restrictor is recommended woking with ball bearing cores.

Journal bearing option uses 360 degrees thrust bearing and oversized collar by default. They do require to work with -4 oil line with 3mms oil feeding adapter.

Inline filter is strongly recommended for ball bearing options.

R33/R34 Rb25det bolton Externally gated kits features:
3 inches stainless dump pipe
Stainless Screamer or pumbed back screamer pipe
Turbosmart 45mm gate
Recommended working with sub 650hp applications

Please checkout our “Dyno results” tab for power outputs in reference to our turbo options as well as engine setups required. Do feel free to contact / email us for recommendations in choosing the right turbocharger for your goal.

This turbocharger must work with an fully operational blow off valve (BOV).

The leading time to build is up to 10 working days.

Current version release date: 23/04/2022

Warranty: 12 Month unlimited KM warranty comes with all of our turbochargers. Warranty voids if failure caused from Installation faults, Oil starvation, Operational, faults or object damages, We are not liable for the cost of many mechanical charges involved in fitting or removing of the product nor any shipping costs involved.

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

Dyno Results

Dyno results:
R34 GTT Rb25det stock engine
Hypergear ATR45SAT turbo in T3 .63 Turbine
High mount T3 exhaust manifold
ARP Head studs
50mm HPVA external gate
3 inches turbo back exhaust
600x300x81mm PWR Intercooler kit
Bosch 1000CC injectors
Walbro 520L fuel pump
Split fire coil packs
Adaptronic Plugin ECU
E85 Fuel 427rwkws @ 25psi
R33 GTST Rb25det engine
CP forged pistons
Eagle conrods
Upgraded Valve springs
Bosch 1000cc injectors
Walbro 520L fuel pump
Haltech plug-in ECU
ARP head studs
ECU controlled Mac solenoid
600x300x75mm intercooler kit
3.5inches turbo back exhaust
4inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
HyperGear ATR45SAT BB turbocharger in T3 .63 rear housing
Hypergear modified externally gated factory exhaust manifold
Turbosmart 45mm gate
Final result of 419rwkws @ 24psi

Series 3 1998 GTR R-33
Factory Rb26, Standard Cams.
Xspurt 1000cc injectors
Walbro 520L fuel pump
Haltech plug-in ECU
ECU controlled EBC
600x300x100mm Front mount Intercooler
3 inches turbo back exhaust
4 inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
Brea steam pipe exhaust manifold
HPVA 50mm external gate
HyperGear ATR45SAT BB turbocharger in T3 .63 rear housing
Final result: 410awkws @ 24psi
Vs Standard turbochargers
S14 Black bird, WTAC 2016 Open class winner car
Nissan S14
Forged SR20det engine
CP Pistons
Spool Conrods
264 / 11.5mm Cam shaft
Tomei Valve springs
APR head studs
6 boost T3 manifold
45mm Turbosmart external gate
Spilt fire coil packs
Hypergear ATR45SAT turbocharger in T3 .63 rear housing
Haltech ECU
3 inches turbo back exhaust
4 inches intake pipe
Final result of 399rwkws @ 24psi safe track tune.




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