Nissan Rb25det Turbocharger Standard high flow service

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This is a service that high flows factory OEM Rb25det turbochargers. Same service can also be carried out on Rb20det engines. High flowed turbocharger will be fitted with a brand new core with larger steel made wheels. Then having factory compressor and turbine housings machined to suit…


Additional Components

External gate factory exhaust manifold with Turbosmart 45mm gate and screamer pipe supplied.

T3 OEM bolton turbine with 3 inches round inlet and 2 inches round outlet

Brand new rear housing with bolton 3 inches stainless dump pipe, screamer pipe and 45mm external gate

Brand new rear housing with bolton 3 inches stainless dump pipe, screamer pipe plumbed back and 45mm external gate

Product price
Additional options total:
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Brand: HyperGear
Product Code: HF-Rb25DET T3x

This is a service that high flows factory OEM Rb25det turbochargers, same service can be applied to Rb20det turbochargers.

High flowed turbocharger features:
Brand new Core assembly
Metallic compressor and turbine wheel upgrade
Upsized compressor and turbine wheels
Housing profile and maching service
Upgraded internally gated assembly

Braided oil feeding line is required for all profiles. It is included in price listed. Inline oil filter is strongly recommended for ball bearing centers. BB upgraded center does not fit factory lines, but it comes with their own water banjo adapters, and oil drain adapter.

The turn around time required is roughly 10 working days.

This turbocharger must work with an fully operational blow off valve (BOV).

High flowing profiles:
G2 high flow is capable of making up to 230rwkws. It is happy to hold factory boost, recommended for Rb20det engines and Rb25dets working with factory ecu and fuel system.

G3 / SS2 Profile is capable of making 270rwkws using an R33 / R34 donor turbo. The minimum boost level using this high flow on a very free flow setup would be around 18psi. It is only recommended working with aftermarket ecu and fuel systems. Price includes an a larger 38mm billet internal waste gate fitted

G4 / SS2PU Profiles are later versions of the high flow that produced the highest power figures reached so far reaching up to 300rwkws on pump 98 fuel.  It can be applied to both 21U and OP6 turbochargers.

Actuator upgrade is highly recommended working with G3 Profiled turbo, It holds more base boost pressure, providing better boost control and higher top end torque.

How does this service work: Job has to be either dropped off in person or delivered to our Po.Box.​ Condition of the donor turbo: Donor turbo can be blown, with broken fins, or damaged wheels. Cracked housings depending on the extend of damage has to be repaired prior profiling. Clients will be informed if repairing work is required, quotes will be given before additional work taking places.

Externally gated assembly is available for this service with gate supplied. That allow extra power to be made and better stability in boost control.

Brand new turbo housings are .63 rear ended, with 3 inches round compressor inlet and 2 inches round compressor oulet. a donor turbo is not required if this option is selected.

Warranty: 12 Month unlimited KM warranty comes with all of our turbochargers. Warranty voids if failure caused from Installation faults, Oil starvation, Operational, faults or object damages, We are not liable for the cost of many mechanical charges involved in fitting or removing of the product nor any shipping costs involved.

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Dyno Results

Evaluation car (R33 S1 Rb25det):
Stock engine
650cc injectors
Power FC Greedy
Profect B EBC
600x300x75mm Cooler kit
3inches turbo back exhaust
3inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
21U G3 R33 High flowed Turbocharger 328rwkws @ 20psi E85 Fuel

21U G3 High flowed Turbocharger 271rwkws @ 19psi P98 fuel

21U G3 High flowed Turbocharger 287rwkws @ 22psi P98 fuel

CP 9:1 forged pistons
Super Tech Valve springs
Power Enterprise 800cc injectors
Adaptronic plug-in ECU
Greedy Profect B EBC
600x300x81mm PWC Cooler kit
3.5inches Xforce turbo back exhaust
4inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
HPVA 50mm external gate off exhaust manifold
Final Result of OP6 R34 G3 high flowed turbocharger: 376rwkws Externally gated and 324rwkws Internally gated.E85 Fuel

OP6 G3 high flow profile, 278rwkws @ 19psi P98 fuel, R33 GTST Rb25det engine
SS2PU high flow profile based on a R34 GTT turbocharger. Stock Rb25det NEO engine internally gated with supporting mods. 290rwkws @ 18psi P98 fuel. Power is restricted by intercooler kit.
G4 high flow profile based on a R34 GTT turbocharger. Stock Rb25det NEO engine internally gated with supporting mods. 297rwkws @ 18psi P98 fuel. Power is restricted by intercooler kit, Dyno reading shown boost pressure before and after intercooler.
Rb20 G2 profile high flowed Rb25det Turbocharger, BB upgraded.
243rwkws on P98 Fuel and 267rwkws on E85. @ 18psi
Developer’s notes: There are couple of points I’d like to
mention for Rb25det skylines modifiers.
1. Factory intake pipe must be replaced. It is  too  small for any thing above 240rwkws, We’ve done a back to  back test  regarding to it, and result is here. Some thing of a hard metal pipe  around 4 inches  is recommended.2. We did couple of tests using our ATR43G3 .82  rear housing on factory exhaust manifold and found its  restrictive and not  very useful for any thing above 280rwkws internally gated on 98 fuel. To a  proper made steam pipe manifold, there is 2~3 degrees differences in top range  timing with 25kws of power. How ever 280rwkws is still respectable for a  standard engine. Welding an external waste gate on factory exhaust manifold can  also increase power output substantially.3. If you own a R33 GTST with a standard  Rb25det in  it, then it is a good idea to not run any boost  above 22psi, the factory  valve springs and hydraulic lifters are not strong enough for it. It is noticed  from a strange power curve like in this sheet here, and ultimately wears out valves and valve sets.4.A good tuner is extremely important for the final outcome. I’ve seen many bad  tunes, not only making less power with poorer  drivability, some of them a  potentially dangerous that leads  to engine failure. Examples Power curveBoost curveAFR. Unfortunately we don’t tune cars, how ever I’m happy to introduce  good tuner to you if you are  in Australia.5. I’ve seen many people use return flow intercoolers for convenience of installations. We’ve tested few and found most of them carry a massive pressure drop in between the cores. Here is a comparison using a Jap branded return flow cooler kit that resulted 8psi pressure drop at 20psi, pressure graph before and after cooler is here.  I personally recommend proper front mount intercoolers with core size of 600x300x81mm from PWR.6. Exhaust plays a critical roll in a high performance system. The engine only makes more power if greater volume of air can be shifted through the engine system. Restrictive exhaust can cause an rise in EGT that increase knock levels as well as the inability in boost control. 3.5 inches straight pipe will be ideal for RBs if it not going to be used on road. I always recommend of doing dynos run with exhaust dropped before the finalise of a tune. An example of exhaust restriction: With exhaust, Without Exhaust (dropped from cat).

7. Just I’ve noticed many of the aftermarket turbo back dump / front pipes are not made to spec. Their flanges are much smaller then factory dump print, means the turbocharger will be shooting hot air into a flat wall, that will cause engine detonation and penalize ignition timing heavily. They must be Die-grinded before turbo installation. Photo 1,  Photo 2Feel free to drop in an email if you have any questions relating to  modifications using one of our turbochargers or require more  information  or assistance on choosing the right turbocharger.

3 reviews for Nissan Rb25det Turbocharger Standard high flow service

  1. Dean Dowell

    Had my R33 GTST turbo high flowed in G3 specs, Car made 355rwkws on E85 fuel. Highly recommended.

  2. Isaiah

    Terrific service by Tao and the team at HyperGear Motorsports. I’m from WA so had to send my R33 turbo over east for a high-flow rebuild. The process was simple and they explained everything well for me. Great job guys

  3. James (verified owner)

    Made 352whp at 17psi on an Rb20 with the g2. Quick spool and doesn’t taper off.

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